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Control Bra

Control Bra

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  • Item: Control Bra 
  • Colors: Cocoa, Black
  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL
  • Description: Your cosmetic surgeon and your Curveez bra are the key for a successful surgery for breast augmentation. The post-operative bra from Curveez contains in its fibers, Trim Shape microcapsules, a blend of natural ingredients that take care of the skin from the drastic changes that suffers in such a short time. Its control level helps to reduce the pain sensation because it firmly and delicately holds the swelling typical of the body when subjected to these procedures.
  • This Medical Care Bra from Curveez controls your bust with total comfort. Its base is wider to prevent grazes in inframammary surgeries. The elastics have excellent elongation and memory, so they will not lose their shape and do not generate uncomforted to those who go through the augmentation process on the axillary area. It has a frontal closure with two positions making it easy to wear and to decrease the force that can hurt the operated areas.
  • Made with cool and soft to the touch fabric, which helps to lessen the discomfort by friction during surgeries performed from the peri areolar area.
  • Two-position adjustable front
  • Controls the bust keeping the prosthesis in place.
  • Its support reduces the sensation of pain.
  • Made with Trim Shape, an advanced formula of natural ingredients for full skincare.
  • Excellent complement for operative cosmetic procedures of the bust.
  • It can be used as a garment of daily use, with a medium-high control level.

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